Pool Cleaning
POOL CLEAN UPS : every pool generally needs acid-washing or clean-ups. Do you have a swimming pool and think you need to have it cleaned more often because not only you, but your family and friends come to join you to swim regularly?  If so, then I would recommend you to have your swimming pool maintained by following real good pool cleaning instructions.  Cleaning your pool the wrong way may cause your pool to be even more unclean, or be out of order.  Waste of money, waste of investment, right?
Keep your pool clean means keep your healthy life

Lastly, on my pool cleaning instructions is for you to replace water.  Replacing your water is a must.  If for quite some time, you just have been cleaning up your pool, this calls for you to replace the water in it.  Upon emptying your pool with water, brush all areas to make it very clean.  Before you bring water in, the tiles should be good as new or at least fully brushed. Keeping your swimming pool clean is as important as keeping your body clean.  Thus, it would be best for you to learn more about maintaining your pool, or otherwise, you can hire an experienced someone do it for you by also following good pool cleaning instructions.